Self-confidence is an added plus in the interview

How to show the recruiter and the future employers that you are an ideal candidate for the proposed position.

During planning a conversation with a recruiter, most of the job seekers have excitement, nervousness, and even stress issues. Someone is embarrassed to answer personal questions, other candidates are afraid of competition, and someone just is not so confident in themselves to continue the interview calmly. Jooble shares secrets, how to overcome the excitement and make the employer pay attention to you.

Stop being afraid

The fear of interview is a disastrous feeling. It makes you doubt yourself and the correctness of the decisions you make. Just think, you need this job so much that you are ready to fight against internal complexes or not. Remember that the HR manager is the same person as you. If you feel that the position is “yours,” then there is nothing to be afraid of. And if you do not think that you are suitable for this work, then maybe you should not continue searching in this direction?

Be honest

The honesty and decency open many doors. You will see if you do not resort to lying and distorting facts when dealing with a recruiter. Whatever experienced HR specialist will easily recognize when a candidate is cunning, and nobody wants to work with false colleagues.

When a person does not hide the truth, his words sound convincingly and clearly, having an interlocutor with him.

Show that you have a choice

Do not catch the vacancy as the last straw. Even if it is so. Hold on confidently and steadfastly. The recruiter already knows that you really need a job, otherwise you would not have come to see him. Do not talk about your hard life, that you are in a hopeless situation, etc. Focus on your professionalism. Show the interviewer that you need to be respected.

If the situation with finding a job is really critical, just tell HR how it is. Do not press on pity. The employer is interested in helping you, thus getting a loyal and grateful employee, but you should not feel obligated after that.

Keep dignity in the interview, behave confidently, and show that you are the person who needs the company. Jooble wishes you to leave fears and excitements in order to easily getting the desired position.

Good luck!

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