Cities with the highest salaries in the world

As it turns out, cities in Switzerland and the United States offer the highest salaries in the world, that’s according to a new “global city salary ranking 2019” from the CEOWORLD magazine. Published Today, the report analyzed the quality of living and salaries for residents in 300 cities around the world. (The survey calculated salaries “net of taxes,” or after taxes.)

San Francisco topped the index, with residents bringing in an average of $6,580 a month, the Golden Gate City has the highest salaries in the world for 2019.

San Jose, ranks second in monthly salaries, according to the analysis, in 2019, the average monthly salary after taxes for citizens of the city of San Jose was $6,457. San Jose was followed by 4 Swiss cities Zurich (No. 3), Bern (No.4), and Geneva (No. 5), and Basel (No. 5).

Cities with the highest average salaries in the world, 2019

RankCityAverage Monthly Net Salary (After Tax)
1San Francisco, CA, United States6580.25
2San Jose, CA, United States6457.25
3Zurich, Switzerland5909.42
4Bern, Switzerland5285.11
5Geneva, Switzerland5267.25
6Basel, Switzerland5211.49
7Washington, DC, United States5118.12
8Seattle, WA, United States4973.99
9Lausanne, Switzerland4942.65
10Dallas, TX, United States4826.59
11Raleigh, NC, United States4789.43
12New York, NY, United States4646.67
13Boston, MA, United States4525.56
14San Diego, CA, United States4352.96
15Austin, TX, United States4250.42
16Los Angeles, CA, United States4235.28
17Atlanta, GA, United States4198.52
18Chicago, IL, United States4061.05
19Charlotte, NC, United States4022.14
20Anchorage, AK, United States4021.56
21Houston, TX, United States3856.95
22Nashville, TN, United States3784.06
23Aalborg, Denmark3783.63
24Portland, OR, United States3783.3
25Newcastle, Australia3725.8
26Sacramento, CA, United States3676.18
27Denver, CO, United States3602.66
28Minneapolis, MN, United States3591.29
29Luxembourg, Luxembourg3581.7
30Sydney, Australia3580.69

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