Eat egg every day for your health!

Egg is a cheap super food that can be found everywhere in the world. If you want to stay healthy, make sure you daily consume appropriate amount of egg that meets your personal needs. In fact, a diabetic person should not eat the same amount of egg than a pregnant woman nor a teenager nor a senior.

Eat egg every day: why?

Eggs are high source of proteins. If you are vegetarian, you can safely eat egg to meet your daily needs for that important nutrient. Whether you take fresh or egg white powder, you can fill the protein gap in your diet.

After, notice also that egg is a very nutritious food. As it gathers a huge amount of nutrients, it is generally very caloric and brings by the way some other healthy fats. You can for example find vitamin A,B2,B5,B12, D,E,K,B6, calcium and zinc; selenium, phosphorus and folate within an egg.

If you consume a normal size egg every day, you can be assured that you have consumed necessary nutrients for your body.

Besides, remember that serious studies have also shown that eggs are very good for the eye health. And this is especially efficient for the older person. As eyesight tends to degenerate with the aging, the good nutrients that are present within the egg can help you to stop the process.

In fact, you can find lutein and zeaxanthin within the yolk. As they are both antioxydants, they have positive consequences on the retina. Most of the time, they can also reduce the risk of macular degeneration and even cataracts that hits a huge amount of the senior.

Notice also that the egg is not at all dangerous for the heart. The fact is that the cholesterol that is gathered within it has nothing to do with the bad cholesterol that is the main responsible of the heart-attack and the stroke.

Otherwise, eggs are also very good to lose weight. As egg is part of these magical foods that are low caloric but very filling, you can include it within your diet. That’s probably the reason why many nutritionists include it within their most famous diet to lose weight.

For these reasons, make sure you eat at least one egg per day. Feel free to introduce it in one of your meal of the day. In order to get away from boredom, you can change the way you cook it. This way, you can feel pleasure eating it.

How many eggs per day?

Generally, eating up to 3 eggs per day is sufficient to meet the daily need of a ‘normal’ person. By normal, nutritionists mean aged between 18 to 60 years old, not suffering from any specific disease and not on a strict diet.

For this reason, kids should only eat 2 to 3 eggs per week. If they are aged under 3, make sure to give them only the yolk. And a healthy senior should at least consume 4 eggs per week. During pregnancy, the mom-to-be should take a balanced diet and take up to 5 eggs per week. But beware to cook them well in order to prevent the fetus from catching the bacteria.

For the diabetics, the egg consumption is really encouraged as it gathers some basic nutrients that are good for their state of health. Diabetics can for that eat 2 to 3 eggs per day. And if you are on diet, you can eat one to two eggs per day.

If you make sure to respect the quantity of egg you take every day or every week, you are acting for your health and well-being.