Why Vancouver SEO Agency Is Leading The Digital Marketing Charge

Businesses have been facing the same marketing problems over millenniums. Even the world’s earliest companies needed to know how to reach their target market. Kongo Gumi, a construction company formed in Japan almost 1400 years ago knew how to adapt their marketing plan, otherwise, they would’ve been drove out of business long before today.

The idea here is that every channel, product, or service needs a marketing strategy built for the time. What worked 1400 years ago for Kongo Gumi, is not going to work for you now. In the digital era, you can expect a completely new approach to client acquisition and marketing strategies. That’s where Vancouver SEO Agency comes in.

About VSA

Vancouver SEO Agency is a results-driven digital marketing company that stays on the cutting-edge of online lead generation. With an accumulated 20 years of experience, VSA has been able to adapt its services to fit the newest trends and marketing tactics, to help businesses find their target markets. They’ve helped businesses all across North America grow their website traffic, increase conversion rates, and develop their brand online, leading to huge boosts in sales.

SEO Services

Vancouver SEO Agency’s Search Engine Optimization service includes white-hat(Google-backed) techniques that ensure your website is safe from past, present, and future Algorithm updates. Some of the methods used are on-page optimization, site-structure optimization, citation building, link-building, social buildout, Google My Business (GMB) optimization, and more.

What sets VSA apart from other SEO companies is that their competitors will use cheap, spammy, and automated methods in an attempt to manipulate the Google ranking algorithm. In fact, most will cause major penalties to be issued to your domain from the PANDA update, for example. After a website is penalized, the only way to remedy the situation is to hire a responsible SEO team to audit, fix, and then validate the issue with Google.

To avoid penalizations you need to choose the right digital marketing company out of the gate. Vancouver SEO Agency only uses the best practices backed by Google which means your site stays safe all while climbing the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) quickly.

SEO is important for businesses looking to boost their traffic & leads, and cement their brand organically.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

VSA doesn’t only offer SEO services, they also offer a variety of solutions to clients. PPC, or Pay-Per-Click advertising, is one of them. They first start out by auditing your Google Ads account, or lack-there-of. By determining the needs of your ad campaign, they will make keyword targets, demographic targets, new landing pages, ad groups, ad copy, and more.

Once everything is in place, they will set up the proper analytics to track traffic and conversion data. Analytics tracking is the most important, and overlooked, aspect of a paid ad campaign. Without the necessary data to optimize not only your ads but your landing pages as well, your company won’t be able to scale or improve its efforts.

All in all, Vancouver SEO Agency works around the clock to get your PPC campaign up, running and positioned for success.

SMM (Social Media Marketing/Management)

Vancouver SEO Agency also offers Social Media Marketing services to help businesses engage with an audience. Depending on your business industry, Social Media can have huge potential for a product or service that can be visually presented, or has virality aspects.

All it takes is one great video to transform your business. Check out Clickfunnel’s viral video that set them up for success virtually overnight.

For success on Social Media, three fundamentals need to be addressed in your marketing strategy. One, who your target audience is. Two, what your target audience is interested in. And three, what content can you create to serve your target audience’s interests that will be shared or generate a follow.

Social Media Marketing is an art form, not a science, so you need a team with a lot of creative energy and passion for great content.

Web Design & Development

Web design & development can really set you apart online, or it can take your credibility, crumple it up, and throw it in the garbage bin. Users expect a higher level of web-experience than they used to. As the digital landscape becomes competitive, it’s not going to be effective to simply throw a free WordPress site together with stock images, logo, and un-engaging content. Visitors expect more, and you should too.

No business succeeds online without a unique brand and professional website. Whether your selling mansions or your old hand-me-downs, nobody buys from a source they deem untrustworthy. That’s why it’s imperative that your website work and function correctly, the first time.

Vancouver SEO Agency helps businesses create a company brand, logo, colour scheme, shapes, assets, and more, to develop the right web presence for your product or service.

The New Age

There’s more that goes into marketing businesses today than 1400 years ago, without a doubt. Vancouver SEO Agency takes your company out of the dark ages with its marketing services that are always on the cutting-edge and adapting to modern trends.

If you’re a business owner and you’re interested in developing your website, brand visibility, ad campaign, or SEO, you can set up a FREE consultation with VSA’s head strategist, Linden Schwark.

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